2022 County Report for Midlothian

Sue Jury

2022 County Report for Midlothian


Most of the recording in Midlothian took place after the middle of July when I took up the vacant position as County Recorder. In a frenzy of recording, a total of 11,866 records were added to the DDB. In this time 42 monads were attended to. The criteria of these monads were those monads with no, or few records, or monads that needed updating, having only pre 2000 records.


I especially wish to thank Richard Milne for his notable finds, and his article which appeared in the September Issue of the BSBI News. His Hypopitys monotropa, (Yellow Birdsnest) is on the front cover.  Descriptions of other notable finds are in the article. Hypopitys monotropa was found in an old tyre on the Brownfield Site at Moncktonhall Bing.

Brownfield Sites are important habitats in Midlothian. I have sent an email to TWIC to see if this could be made into a PLBS.


Notable new finds in 2022:

Orobanche hederae, (Ivy Broomrape) growing in the RBGE. A spontaneous arrival and a First for Midlothian.

Euphorbia stricta, (Upright Euphorbia) new record, in 2 sites. There are probably more to be found.

Malva verticillata, (Whorled Mallow) second record for Scotland and a new record for Midlothian, waiting verification.

Paris quadrifolia, (Herb Paris) Morningside Road. Only other recent find since 2000 is in Vogrie Park.


Notable refinds in 2022:

Gagea Lutea, (Yellow Star of Bethlehem) 12 Flowering head along the River Esk at Cockpen

Senecio inaequidens, (Narrow-leaved Ragwort) spreading in the VC south and west

Juncus Gerardi, (Saltmarsh Rush) 1987, Silverknowes

Scirpus Sylvaticus, (Wood Club-rush) 1982, Spittleton Wood


LBS steering group meeting was attended by the County recorder.


New revised updated 2nd edition of the Rare Plant Register:

updated by Barbara Sumner. Hammabya paludosa (Bog Orchid) is now extinct in the VC.


Report by VC83 Recorder, Sue Jury