2023 County Report for Derbyshire

Alan Willmot

ACTIVITIES Eight one-day outdoor meetings in vc57 to record plants and improve identification skills.

NUMBER OF RECORDS COLLECTED 5k records for 2023 plus a further 10k for previous years. The 2023 records included new county records and second records the more interesting of which are given below.

Althaea officinalis (Marsh-mallow)

A single plant of this next to a fishing pond in Swadlincote Woodlands (SK3020) 26th September.

Cicuta virosa (Cowbane)

Daniel Lusher-Sellors found this growing in large quantity in two new balancing ponds at Mackworth (SK3165) 24th June.

Poa bulbosa (Bulbous Meadow-grass)

Noted by Brian Gough on a meeting in Dove Dale growing abundantly in thin soil over limestone near the Main car park (SK1451) 13th May.

Chaenorhinum origanifolium (Malling Toadflax)

Spotted on a stone wall at North Mill Belper (SK3448) by Philip Precey 19th July.

Dittrichia graveolens (Stinking Fleabane)

Found growing abundantly alongside the M1 at junction 30 (SK4776) by Mick Lacey 17th September.

Oxyria digyna (Mountain Sorrel)

Recorded as a pavement weed in Chesterfield (SK3770) by Fiona Keeler 12th September.

Anthriscus caucalis (Bur Chervil)

Mick Lacey found this in the Fisherman’s Carpark at Ogston Reservoir (SK3759) on 16th May: first record since 1990.

Lathyrus hirsutus (Hairy Vetchling)

Found by Claire and Mary Smith near Puddingpie Hill (SK3071) on 9th July: first record since 1969.