2021 County Report for Derbyshire

Dr Alan Willmot

We were able to restart our outdoor meetings in 2021 after having to cancel all our meetings in 2020. We held five one-day outdoor meetings in Derbyshire to areas of general botanical interest, which were all well attended. We continued to record plants on a monad basis as we had done for the third Atlas and submitted all records to the DDb. With records from individuals, we entered over 21,500 records on to the DDb in 2021 of which around 17,500 were for 2021.

Galium × pomeranicum (A hybrid Bedstraw)

This was recorded on Highwood Lane near Cresswell (SK516760) by Mick Lacey on 10th July 2021 and on a wayside at Whaley (SK527719) amogst its two parets on 14th July 2021. These were the first records for the vice county since 1969.