2022 County Report for Mid Ebudes

Lynne Farrell

Two visits made in 2022, one to Mull in August and one to Coll in September. Concentrated on finding and recording rarer species, including updating those in the Rare Plant Register.

Investigated possible new sites for species of interest with mixed success.

Met with local helpers, renewing acquaintances and encouraging them, after not being able to visit for a while. Received records from both island residents and visitors. Made new contacts on both islands.

Advised workers from the Dew Centre for Moral Technology, a French-backed organisation, on site and species management at Torosay Castle estate. Joined in Tea & cakes day at Dervaig, Mull, where they are growing native trees from locally sourced seed to re-establish some areas of woodland. Local school children are involved in the project.

Species of interest investigated include Spiranthes romanzoffiana (Irish Lady's-tresses), Gentianella campestris (Field Gentian), Asplenium ceterach (Rustyback), Draba incana (Hoary Whitlowgrass), Mertensia maritima (Oysterplant), Salsola kali (Prickly Saltwort), Suaeda maritima (Annual Sea-blite), Eriocaulon aquaticum (Pipewort), Linum radiola (Allseed), Lysimachia minima (Chaffweed), Persicaria hydropiper (Water-pepper), Calystegia sepium (Hedge Bindweed) and C. silvatica (Large Bindweed), Zostera marina (Eelgrass), and Pyrola media (Intermediate Wintergreen).