2022 County Report for Tyrone

Ian McNeill and Sharon Spratt

County report:

  • Rare Plant Project: five forms were completed as part of the Rare Plant Project for the following species: Carex magellanica, Gnaphalium sylvaticum, Phegopteris connectilis, Spiranthes romanzoffiana and Thalictum flavum. 
  • 2022 records have yet to be uploaded to DDb.
  • Worked with the Ballinderry Rivers Trust (as a staff member at the time) on a peatland baseline mapping project at the beginning of 2022. Vegetative quadrats, and generalised species lists were completed at a range of lowland raised bog, and upland blanket bog sites across the river catchment. Some sites were previously unexplored. A range of educational pieces of peatland flora and habitats as a result: https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/d8ac912859cb4e90aee7d9d88affd128
  • 11 species were recorded across two locations as part of the New Year Plant Hunt 2022.

Report photo: Sloughan Glen waterfall, April 2022, searching for beech fern.