2021 County Report for Tyrone

Sharon Spratt & Ian McNeill

In 2021 we continued with fieldwork in Tyrone, perhaps rather limited due to Covid. There were quite a few interesting records. Briefly:

Potentilla intermedia (Russian Cinquefoil)

Found by IMcN in waste ground in Cookstown. Id Nat Bot Gardens, Dublin. Only one previous record in Ireland, Dublin, 1859 (Reynolds 2002).

Bromus secalinus (Rye Brome)

Found by Andrew McNeill in cereal field near Cookstown. DDb has two previous records from Tyrone, but both 1896 and both from near Strabane - probably the same record.

Rubus chamaemorus (Cloudberry)

Noeleen Smyth and Abigail Kilgore revisited the Cloudberry site in the Sperrin Mountains in June 2021. They found it in good heart and it had just flowered. First report of flowers seen since first recorded by Jones and Murphy in 1826.

Trichomanes speciosum (Killarney Fern)

Rory Hodd found the sporophyte of Trichomanes speciosum at Altadavan Glen in S. Tyrone in 2019 (we were just acquainted of this record in 2021). The sporophyte was last reported in the county near Strabane in 1891.

Stellaria palustris (Marsh Stitchwort)

Found by B. Goldsmith and S. Goodrich at Round Lough near Fivemiletown in 2014 (first appeared on DDb in 2020). First Tyrone record. Not infrequent in Co Fermanagh, at sites only a few miles from Fivemiletown.


Reynolds 2002. A Catalogue of Alien Plants in Ireland. National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin.