2021 County Report for East Perthshire

Martin Robinson

For various personal and health reasons 2021 was a year of little achievement.  I did get involved, however, with a Perth & Kinross Council project to revive the old Listed Wildlife Site scheme, which had been run by the Scottish Wildlife Trust in the 1980s and 90s.  The plan is to reassess all the sites and re-designate as Local Biodiversity Sites if still appropriate, and there is, of course, the opportunity to add new sites.  I feel that it is important to try to give these non-statutory sites some protection however little, and most of my recording this year resulted from visiting some of these places in vc89.  I will continue in 2022.

There was a successful BSBI visit to the Cairnwell on 24th July, which unfortunately I wasn't able to attend, but Les Tucker ably stepped up to co-lead with David Elston and the fifteen attenders saw a great variety of montane plants.

Latterly I have been working on a new, much-expanded version of my RPR, which will cover the species more in the manner of a Flora.

The image is of the extensive population of Meum athamanticum (Spignel) at Dalreoch, Eochdhu.