2020 County Report for East Perthshire

Martin Robinson

I only made 971 records,  concentrating more on trying to get to grips with certain groups than with recording.  The glorious, traffic-free spring lock-down was a great chance to look at dandelions on some local road verges that are  normally a bit risky,  and some progress was made.  The vc list now stands at about 116 microspecies, but we know that there a lot more out there.  In the summer I spent some time among the Alchemillas,  adding A. glomerulans sites and discovering how abundant A. xanthochlora can be in the uplands.  I met Mark Lynes at the Cairnwell to see his A. sciura site just over the boundary in vc92,  but haven't yet made a confirmed record in vc89. (120).  I made it up to Fealar on 9 Aug to check on the Saxifraga hirculus, and found that I was about a week too early.  Nevertheless I counted 284 either in flower or bud, remarkable really in view of the close proximity of a herd of 530 deer.


Lysimachia thyrsiflora (Tufted Loosestrife)

Reported by Lyn Jones at Redmyre Loch in the Sidlaws.  I went to have a look and was astonished to find it forming a zone all the way round the loch.  A new site for it, and the only one known in the Sidlaws.  The loch is otherwise unremarkable and has obviously attracted very little attention in the past.