2021 County Report for Derbyshire

Dr Alan Willmot

We were able to recommence our outdoor meetings in 2021 after having had to cancel all meetings in 2020 due to the covid pandemic. We did not manage a full series of sessions but we did hold five one-day outdoor meetings in Derbyshire to areas of general botanical interest which were all well attended. We continued to record on a monad basis at these meetings as for the third Atlas and submitted these records to the DDb. With other records submitted by individuals, we returned over 21,000 records to the DDb in 2021 of which about 17,500 were for 2021.

Galium × pomeranicum

This was found on Highwood Lane near Cresswell (SK516760) by Mick Lacey on 10th July 2021 and at Whaley on wayside (SK527719) amongst the two parents on 14th July 2021. These were our first records since 1969.

Epipactis dunensis (Dune Helleborine)

Nine plants of this under-recorded orchid were found in scrubby woodland in Longdendale (SK0799) by Dave Mallon on 6th August 2021. This is only the second site for the species in the vice county.

Allium carinatum (Keeled Garlic)

This first county record was found by Maron Bryce growing by a stile at Thulston (SK407319) on the 1st August 2021.