Charophytes in Ireland

The BSBI's brief covers the vascular plants and charopytes of Britain and Ireland but the charophytes (stoneworts) are often overlooked - they are small and have a reputation for being difficult to identify.

A presentation at the 2016 BSBI Recorders' Conference by Claudia Ferguson-Smyth, one of two BSBI expert referees for charophytes, went some way towards demystifying this group and then BSBI's Irish botanists grasped the nettle, organising two 2-day Charophyte Workshops in May 2018. Read about the courses and see feedback from some of the participants here.

Click on the link to download Claudia Ferguson-Smyth's charophyte presentation given at the Scottish Annual Meeting in 2016.

Charophytes making the news - Cilian Roden, one of our charophyte experts, contributes to this piece on Lough Carra - in The Irish Times.

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