New Year Plant Hunt 2014-9

Results, analysis & media coverage 2019:

BSBI's Head of Science Dr Kevin Walker has looked at all the 2019 results and here is his 2019 NYPH analysis.

On our Results page you can view results from recent years: interactive maps, images, stats, most frequently recorded plants and longest lists.

The 2019 NYPH press release is available here and shows how we summarised the results to our media contacts. Louise (BSBI Comms Officer) was interviewed about the results of the 2019 Hunt by John Humphrys on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, while County Recorders Helena and Jonathan both appeared on regional TV news programmes. 

NYPH Support Teams 2014-9

We'd like to thank all the volunteers who have given up their time over the holidays to volunteer on the Help Desk and support all the New Year Plant Hunters:

Brian, Ciara, Ellen, Ian, Jo, Kevin, Louise, Mary, Natalie, Richard, Ryan, Sarah, Tim and Tom.

And of course we'd like to thank the thousands of you who braved (often rotten) weather to go out hunting!

If you'd like to join the New Year Plant Hunt support team next time around, we'd love to hear from you: just email us at [email protected]

New Year Plant Hunt 2020 on the News & Views blog

Day One highlights here.

Day Two highlights here.

Day Three highlights here.

Day Four highlights here.

Results, analysis & media coverage 2018:

BSBI's Head of Science Dr Kevin Walker has looked at all the 2018 results and here is his analysis 2018.

Here is the  2018 press release sent to media contacts. Click here to view the coverage broadcast on BBC Countryfile on 21st January. Click on the links for articles in The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, the Irish Mail on Sunday and the Irish Mirror

New Year Plant Hunt 2014-6 results

In 2016, more than 600 species were recorded in bloom by 865 botanists from 108 counties across Britain and Ireland; they submitted 9,265 records in total.

More on 2016 results here and  New Year Plant Hunt 2016. Read the 2016 press release here and see how The Independent covered the story.

Find out about 2015 results here and see Ryan's New Year Plant Hunt presentation here.

The first Hunt was in 2013 but we thought it was just a bit of fun and we didn't log those early results - we had no idea that the Hunt would become so popular and that we'd be able to collect so much valuable data!