Taraxacum training and recording weekend, Devizes

North Wiltshire, South Wiltshire 19th – 22nd April 2024
led by
John Richards, Richard Aisbitt

This is the tenth long weekend dedicated to the genus Taraxacum. Compared to surrounding counties, the dandelions of Wiltshire are poorly studied, and v.c.8 (S. Wilts.) in particular has only 20 records of 14 species. Nevertheless, some interesting species are known from v.c.7 (N. Wilts.) including T. anglicum and T. cherwellense. Our centre will be Devizes, close to the boundary between the v.cc. and handy for distinguished calcareous grasslands and flood meadows which we hope to visit. A full programme including details of a room for evening meetings will be sent to participants.