Syon Park

Middlesex 19th August 2023
recording general
led by
Mark Spencer

Syon Park has the last remaining extensive stretch of semi-natural and un-embanked landscape adjoining the Thames in Greater London. We aim to record the flora in this important landscape (permission pending!) and rediscover, hopefully, some lost treasures such as Sium latifolium (Greater Water-parsnip), Cyperus longus (Galingale), Mentha pulegium (Pennyroyal) and Persicaria mitis (Tasteless Water-pepper). Please note, the terrain is unlikely to be easy going and may be flooded depending upon the tide. If this the case, we will focus on exploring other areas of the park.  This meeting is joint with the London Natural History Society and is suitable for beginners and for more experienced botanists.

Meet: at 11:00 am on the junction of London Road and Park Road (TQ17107717) on the Thames Path route.