Sedges at Tarn Moor and Orton

Westmorland 8th June 2024
training specialised
led by
Mike Porter

Tarn Moor is a rich botanical site on the Orton limestones of Westmorland and is a mosaic of base-rich and acidic areas. More than 25 different species of Carex have been recorded here with Carex capillaris (Hair Sedge), C. diandra (Lesser Tussock-sedge), C. dioica (Dioecious Sedge), C. elata (Tufted Sedge) and C. hostiana (Tawny Sedge) probably the pick of the bunch. There are also numerous non-Carex sedges and records for 3 Carex hybrids, two of which we should certainly see. Many other attractive species, including Primula farinosa (Bird’s-eye Primrose) and a fine array of orchids, are frequent and should be at their best in early June. If time allows we will also look at some drier limestone grassland near the village of Orton where C. ornithopoda (Bird‘s-foot Sedge) grows.

All sedge enthusiasts are welcome, whether experienced or not, but numbers will be limited to 15 to minimise damage to fragile habitats. This is a repeat of the overbooked 2023 meeting and priority will be given to those who could not be accommodated last time.

This will be a full day meeting so please bring a packed lunch. The distance covered will not be great, 5 or 6 kilometres, but parts will be very wet so wellies or waterproof boots are essential. Although Tarn Moor can be idyllic at this time of year please come prepared for less clement conditions. There are no facilities at Tarn Moor but later in the day we will visit Orton which has a shop, cafes and toilets.