Rufford Colliery

Nottinghamshire 15th July 2023
led by
Mark Woods, David Wood

Rufford Colliery is a vast area with a mosaic of habitats created by clearance of the colliery yards, railway lines and headstocks. A wide range of county rare and scarce species, England Red Data List species and rare neophytes have been recorded. We will be checking on some of the county rare species such as Euphorbia stricta (Upright Spurge), Carex arenaria (Sand Sedge) (only native site on Sherwood Sandstones), Omalotheca sylvatica [Gnaphalium sylvaticum] (Heath Cudweed), Lythrum portula (Water-purslane), Mentha pulegium (Pennyroyal) and Persicaria mitis (Tasteless Water-pepper), but also searching for new taxa. Extensive surveys have been carried out since the colliery closed, but new species are found on every visit. Botanists of all standards, including beginners, welcome. Numbers are likely to be restricted because of the site owners’ safety requirements.