Rothesay, Isle of Bute

Clyde Islands 8th May 2021
led by
Angus Hannah

Since publishing the Flora of Bute, County Recorder Angus Hannah has had several requests to offer a field meeting on the island. This is a one-day ‘taster’ to sample some of its botanical interest in the course of a walk of 4-5 miles starting and finishing at Rothesay pier. Cross on foot on the ferry from Wemyss Bay. You will be met at Rothesay pier. We will visit the large colony of Hypolepis ambigua (New Zealand Pig-fern) in Achamor wood. Bute is the only known location where this fern grows wild in Europe. We should also see the newly described Dandelion Taraxacum chrysoglossum, so far recorded only in v.c.100. If desired, we can go as far as the Dhu Loch to see a vigorous colony of Osmunda regalis (Royal Fern). On the way back we will visit an ancient wood pasture with wild apples, ancient oaks and alders and interesting fenny areas near the Kirk Dam, and return to the pier in time for the 17:00 ferry. Contact Angus Hannah to confirm details.