Newry (West)

Co. Armagh 16th September 2023
led by
John Faulkner

The purpose of this meeting is to acquaint participants with some of the up-and-coming, as well as the long-established weeds, of urban Ireland. As a transport hub with a mainline railway, both used and disused canals, and a port area developed for recreation, it has a rich urban flora, including Potamogeton trichoides (Hairlike Pondweed) at its first confirmed Irish site, Galinsoga quadriradiata (Shaggy-soldier) and two species of Erigeron (Fleabanes). Our aim will be to refind and quantify some of the less common species and foster interest in a sometimes neglected aspect of the Irish flora.

Meet in car park at Newry Railway Station (Grid Ref J069279) at 11.00 am. Please let John know what time you will arriving and whether you will be travelling by train or car. Packed lunch advised!