Introduction to Conifer Identification workshop, Nesscliffe, nr Shrewsbury

Shropshire 2nd March 2024
training beginners
led by
Mark Duffell

A joint meeting with The Wildflower Society.

Fancy getting to grips with Conifers, can't tell your Spruce from your Firs, or would like to separate the 'Cypresses'? Then join Mark Duffell on a BSBI/WFS field-based training workshop on Nesscliffe Hill. A range of different keys and other resources will be used to show the beginner and intermediate how to accurately identify a variety of conifer species. There will be a charge of £2 to cover the cost of printed resources including a mini-booklet. The number of participants will be capped at 15. Priority will be given to those who booked for 2023 when the workshop was cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.