Hawkweed hunt - Fionn Gleann and Clach Leathad, Glen Coe

Argyllshire 6th – 7th July 2024
led by
Tim Rich

The aim of this meeting is to look for the Fionn Gleann hawkweed Hieracium basicrinum, a rare species of mountain ledges and screes. It has only ever been recorded in 1889, 1897 and 1953 from Fionn Gleann and Clach Leathad in the mountains above Glen Coe and no precise locations are known. Hieracium basicrinum is a relatively distinct hawkweed in having toothed, spotted leaves and thus no specialist knowledge is required (identification guidance will be given!). Whilst the meeting will focus on H. basicrinum, other hawkweeds and mountain species will also be recorded. We will access the mountains via the chairlift in Glencoe Mountain Resort on both days (c.£15/trip), and the terrain will be challenging with cliffs, screes, steep ground and possibly wading the River Etive. As the practicality of survey is very dependent on weather, we will take a cautious approach for safe access in the mountains, perhaps even abandoning the high ground for the safer areas near the chair lift. Even if we do not find H. basicrinum we should see a good range of other species.