Great Yarmouth North Denes SSSI and the Broads

East Norfolk 3rd – 4th July 2021
general beginners
led by
Bob Ellis

We will spend one day exploring North Denes, an extensive area of sand dunes with abundant Corynephorus canescens (Grey Hair-grass) and Jasione montana (Sheep's-bit). There is a diverse dune flora and usually a species-rich strand-line. The dunes border the town and we will no doubt see many alien species along the landward edge. Towards the southern end of the dunes, Hieracium lanatum (Woolly Hawkweed) has been established for many years and sometimes Vulpia fasciculata (Dune Fescue) can be found. Great Yarmouth provides a wealth of accommodation opportunities.

On the other day we will visit what is considered to be one of the finest fen sites in western Europe, at Catfield. We expect to see many of the specialities, including Sium latifolium (Greater Water-parsnip); Dryopteris cristata (Crested Buckler-fern) and D. x uliginosa, its hybrid with D. carthusiana (Narrow Buckler-fern); Thysselinum palustre (Milk Parsley), food plant of Papilio machaon (Swallowtail) which may still be on the wing and Helosciadium x moorei, the hybrid between H. inundatum (Creeping Marshwort) and H. nodiflorum (Fool's-water-cress).

Beginners will be particularly welcome.