Co. Limerick 16th June 2024
general training
led by
Olly Lynch, Maria Long and Phoebe O'Brien

This grasslands-focused event will explore some of the variety of flora that occurs in Limerick's grasslands. On the day, there will be an opportunity for training to focus on the identification of specific plant groups such as Carex spp. (Sedges) and grasses, for example, as well as general plant recording. Bring notebooks, any keys you may have, and a hand lens. There will be a limited supply of these available on the day also. Throughout the day, there will be discussions on grassland ecology, and management from grassland ecologists.

Appropriate footwear and clothing should be worn to cover any eventualities of difficult terrain and weather.

Meeting point to be arranged. The location is to be decided, but is expected to be held approximately 30 minutes from Limerick city.