Campsie Fells above Queenzieburn

Stirlingshire 3rd August 2024
led by
Matt Harding, Lyn Jones

Much of the Campsie Fells has been poorly recorded in recent years, despite supporting a range of interesting upland habitats and species. This meeting will explore the south slopes of the Campsies above Queenzieburn, taking in a range of habitats including narrow stream gorges, outcrops and waterbodies, and aims to record across a number of previously unexplored monads. There are small areas of limestone bedrock here, potentially holding interesting calcareous species, and old records of unusual plants such as Sedum villosum (Hairy Stonecrop) and Cryptogramma crispa (Parsley Fern) suggest the area may repay further investigation.

This area has some access tracks, but much of the day will be spent on rough, untracked ground, exposed to the elements. Parking will be available nearby, with the meeting location to be confirmed depending on the number of attendees. Everyone from beginners to experts are welcome to join us, but places are limited so booking is essential.