BSBI Handbook: Eyebrights

Eyebrights of Britain and Ireland: BSBI Handbook #18

Eyebrights expert Chris Metherell and illustrator Fred Rumsey spent six years working towards the publication of this BSBI Handbook, number 18 in the series, and Eyebrights of Britain and Ireland was published in June 2018. There was a launch at the Natural History Museum, London, and botanists across the country - in herbaria and on Hebridean islands! - used social media to take part in Eyebright Day.

This interview with author Chris Metherell gives a glimpse into the six years of work - research, herbarium visits, consultation, fieldwork, workshops, testing of keys - that went into this Handbook.

The book is available as an eBook from the BSBI website for £10.00 or from Summerfield Books and other natural history booksellers (RRP £17.50 (plus postage & packing)).