Britain’s Orchids

Published in September 2020, Britain's Orchids is written by BSBI members Sean Cole and Mike Waller, and features BSBI distribution maps throughout.

Check out our exclusive full-length interview with Mike Waller all about Britain's Orchids and then read the follow-up interview with Sean.

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Here's what co-author Mike said about the book: "Britain's Orchids is an accessible, comprehensive and beautifully illustrated identification guide and the first to cover all the British and Irish species at all stages of above-ground development including in leaf, in bud and in seed. There is a particular focus on species variability and a dedicated section covering all recorded hybrids.

"It is lavishly illustrated with 98 beautiful pencil-drawn and coloured plates (example on right of one of the illustrations by wildlife artist Sarah Stribbling) and more than 1,200 stunning photos showing the orchids in their natural settings and highlighting key identification features. It contains a simple, step-by-step system for identifying almost any orchid you encounter and up-to-date distribution maps provided by the BSBI alongside seasonal charts showing when each species can be seen in its various stages of development."

Listen to Mike's orchid talk, given at the 2020 BSBI Exhibition Meeting.

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