2020 County Report for Banffshire

Jim McIntosh (Acting)

3,489 records were collected in 2020, of 495 taxa. 85% of records were by just one recorder, Anne Burgess, but significant contributions were made by Rob Potter and neighbouring recorders. Most of the records are from the north-west of the county but there is a thin scattering of records from across the vice-county – right up to the highest mountains in the vice-county, thanks to Lewis Donaghy & Ian Moir. Despite restricted opportunities for fieldwork, five species were found new to vc94. A very puzzling Potentilla was also found resembling Rock Cinquefoil (P. rupestris), but differing in some features and in autumn flowering. Seed was collected and is in cultivation, hopefully to provide a firm identification in future. In addition, four species were recorded for the first time post-1999 though one (Myriophyllum spicatum) was thought to have been planted. 128 records were collected of the Banffshire RPR taxa.

Taxa growing and new to vc94 in 2020

Cryptomeria japonica (Japanese Red-cedar) - planted, Holodiscus discolor (Ocean Spray), Oxalis articulata (Pink-sorrel), Pilosella caespitosa (Yellow Fox-and-cubs) & Weigela florida (Weigela) – planted.

Taxa recorded for first time in vc94 post-1999 (year of previous most recent record)

Barbaraea intermedia (Medium-flowered Winter-cress) 1988, Geranium phaeum (Dusky Crane’s-bill) 1983, Myriophyllum spicatum (Spiked Water-milfoil) 1988 - planted & Rosa caesia (Northern Dog-rose) 1995