2020 County Report for VC113b

Anne Haden

The most interesting find in 2020 in Jersey was Epipactus palustris in our Orchid field. There were about 50 spikes of this plant not recorded in the island since 1960. Also added to our list of new finds was Ficaria verna ssp verna. An interesting alien that turned up on the North Coast was Persicaria nepalensis. And finally Gnaphalium luteoalbum, not recorded since 1969 in the island that bears it's name was found after many years of searching.

Jersey was fortunate in that after lockdown our Botany group was allowed to meet up outside in groups of up to 20, so we continued to outings around the island and we were able to record our 2 NPMS squares and start one new square.

Volunteers helped local government with habitat monitoring, seed collecing for a native wildflower garden at the Botanic Garden and one of our botanists made to local television news by chalking wildflower names along the road during lockdown