2020 County Report for Co. Leitrim

Eamon Gaughan

Despite the Covid travel restrictions, over 7000 records were gathered for Leitrim in 2020. Also, from July to September the “Leitrim Group” got to meet up on several occasions. We concentrated on the more interesting sites, some of which had many past records but yet found some new sites for rare or uncommon species.  Uncommon grasses and sedges were well represented in the year’s recordings. Also, four of us got to see what may be Leitrim’s rarest species Juncus filiformis (Thread Rush) at its known site in August. The wet weather in late June and July hampered recording of wetland habitats to some extent but we did get some useful records and Paul Green added some later in the season when he visited South Leitrim. For those who travelled to the Vice County this year the emphasis was on introducing people to the many and varied habitats that the county has to offer. For three of us that included a strenuous day on Slieve Anieren to see interesting upland species including Phegopteris connectilis (Beech Fern) and Sedum rosea (Roseroot). Other habitats included woodland, lake shore and bog. Personally, my two most interesting finds of the year were not in Leitrim but in Sligo; Neotinea maculata (Dense flowered Orchid) on Knocknarea. And Polycarpon tetraphyllum (Four leaved Allseed) in my home place of Strandhill.


Eamon Gaughan

Hypopitys monotropa (Yellow Bird's nest)

Sriff Bay Lough Gill Co Leitrim. August 2020

Juncus filiformis (Thread Rush)

Kilgarriff, Lough Allen, Co Leitrim, August 2020

Neotinea maculata (Dense flowered Orchid)

Knocknarea, Co Sligo, May 2020.

Polycarpon tetraphyllum (Four leaved Allseed)

Caravan Park, Stradhill, Co Sligo. May 2020. First ever sighting for Co. Sligo.