2020 County Report for Anglesey

Ian Bonner & Nigel Brown

From March onwards there have been no Flora Group meetings, but over 20 newsletters have been emailed to keep Members in touch. Virtually all of the 2020 plant records have come from Anglesey residents usually botanising close to their homes. This has still resulted in nine 1st County Records and 59 new hectad records.

A full Report on 2020 has been prepared for the Welsh Bulletin and Anglesey web page.

We have worked with NRW in their review of SSSI's notified for their botanical interest.

We have also been involved in conservation work over Allium ampeloprasum (Wild Leek) threatened by development and Juncus capitatus (Dwarf Rush) threatened by succession and lack of disturbance.

An interesting feature of this year has been the number of plants still in flower late in the season – 125 species were recorded in flower during November and December.


Blackstonia perfoliata (Yellow-wort)

locally plentiful on a former industrial site near Amlwch, the first sighting from the N of Anglesey.

Bupleurum rotundifolium (Thorrow-wax)

 a first county record, in three areas of grassland near Llyn Dinam – will it reappear in 2021?

Filago germanica (Common Cudweed)

a distinctly uncommon plant with only five post 2000 sightings

Anthriscus caucalis (Bur Chervil)

 with only six recent monad records, all from sandy sites on the west coast,

Viscum album (Mistletoe)

 in Beaumaris, spotted independently by two recorders. the first sighting since 1982.

Dactylorhiza praetermissa (Southern Marsh-orchid,

 7 flower spikes in grassland near Brynsiencyn, the third record for the county.