2020 County Report for Ayrshire

Dave Lang

2020 was a difficult year for botanising. We had no formal field meetings - although two or three socially distanced field trips were carried out by the Joint-VCRs. Other members who either live or active contributed a few records where they could as well - but at the time of writing (some records from the year are still promised) we had barely met 2,000 new records for 2020. One interesting project however was by a member that contributed 66 new Hieracium records identified (and where necessary referee determined) to species level.

Out of the field we did however manage to finish checking and verifying all the records on the Database and we also updated and re-published our County Rare Plant Register.

Hieracium duriceps

In the River Garnock’s headwaters above Kilbirnie – the first record in the hectad since 1888.

Anacamptis pyramidalis

At Waterside Bing in East Ayrshire. Only the second ever record for the VC.

Ophrys apifera

A fourth site for this species now in Ayrshire as it continues its march northwards. This time in Kilmarnock.