2020 County Report for South Somerset

Stephen Parker

Despite the lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic recoding in VC5 still went ahead all be it in somewhat reduced from previous years. Unfortunately the Somerset Rare Plants Group, the main recording group in Somerset did not hold any formal field meeting. They initiated several projects for members during the year, these included recording the date for First Flowering, this was organised and coordinated by Simon Leach. We have also launched an online mistletoe recording project. Individual members submitted record to Stephen Parker and these are now being entered on to Mapmate and then sent to the BSBI distribution database.

Eleocharis palustris × uniglumis

Minehead, Lower Marsh Farm (SS99344607), 29 May 2020, in large depression of some 50 × 20m in surrounding marsh/grazing land just behind golf course. Found by Graham Lavender.

Guizotia scabra

Found by Jeanne Webb at Old Cleeve (ST04164178), 26 Dec 2020, one large plant appeared in garden, probably from birdseed, JW (det. Stefano Doglio)

Lamprocapnos spectabilis

At Hawkcombe (SS87584577), 26 Apr 2020, an escaped from garden of ‘The Stables’ onto bridleway, finder Graham Lavender and determined  Ro FitzGerald.

Poa infirma × annua

Taunton, Silver Street (ST23152442), 29 Mar 2020, on small traffic island collected by Graham Lavender an determined with the help of Clive Lovett.

Spergularia bocconei

First record for Somerset discovered by Sharon Pilkinton at the Holnicote Estate (SS91134624), 2 Jul 2020,  in a corner of the National Trust car park. The at Porlock Weir (SS86354801), 9 July by Graham lavender

Cotula coronopifolia

Reported to Natural England at West Sedgemoor SSSI and RSPB reserve (ST35182550), 9 July 2020, growing in a shallow gutters, records confirmed by Stephen Parker 17 July, (ST35132550) approx. 500 plants, (ST35182550) in shallow gutter, (ST35322549) bare ground in gateway. Site will be monitored to assess any impacts on native habitats and species.

Huperzia selago

The Warren (SS78644096), 16 Oct 2020, several plants on irrigated rock face on slope, Andrew Branson & Sharon Pilkington , First record for this site since 1990.