2020 County Report for Fermanagh

Robert Northridge

Hannah and I spent quite a bit of time getting post-2020 records for the rarer Fermanagh plants such as Polystichum lonchitis, Orthilia secunda, Asplenium viride, Saxifraga aizoides, Gentianella amarella and Equisetum pratense. We also visited some sites for Utricularia intermedia agg. and determined those that we found as U. stygia. It was a good year for flowering Utricularias: very many U. minor were seen in flower and several U. australis were also seen in flower.

Some Euphrasias were sent to Chris Metherill and two were determined as E. arctica × scottica and E. confusa × micrantha, both new county records. David McCosh identified Hieracium specimens from two sites as H. cyclicum, another new county record.

A new site for Dryas octopetala was found at Monawilkin, one of the best surveyed sites in the county. Several aquatics and stoneworts await identification by an expert.