2020 County Report for East Sutherland

Mick Crawley

Heather McHaffie re-discovered Asplenium marinum on the seaside crags at Strathsteven (between Brora and Golspie) after a gap of 123 years, which is terrific.   A new alien garden escape was recorded from Helmsdale in the form of Leontodon rigens, a very distinctive plant with enormous, regularly-spaced, marginal leaf-teeth.  A great debt of gratitude is due to Dr Tom Dargie for his sterling work at the enquiry into the proposed golf course at Coul Links between Embo and Loch Fleet; that battle was won but not, apparently, the war.  A fresh proposal has been submitted, so the defence of this fantastic site may have to be re-enacted. Let’s hope not, and that the planning authorities see sense and reject it out of hand.