2023 County Report for Berwickshire

Robin Cowe

This year, 6,100 records were made from 14 recorders, covering all the large ten-kilometer squares in the county.

I began a small project re-recording the clubmosses after so many of the former records were on sites for wind turbines or felled plantations with mixed results so far.  

An amazing find at Pease Bay Caravan Park, which hosts a spectacular collection of Berwickshire rares around the caravan pitches. Valerianella locusta, Erodium cicutarium and Sherardia arvensis are all in good numbers, with a small population of Myosotis ramosissima.

A trip to Mellerstain to look at the last population of Linnaea borealis in Berwickshire found it smaller than had previously been recorded but still flowering.

Epipactis helleborine (Broad-leaved helleborine)

 Gordon Moss, the first for the Moss and the Gordon area.

Lysimachia europaea (Chickweed-wintergreen)

The last record at Press Castle was 136 years ago. 

Vicia orobus (Wood bitter-vetch)

A new site and a wonderful day as I ran across the hill shouting “another one” near Watch Water.