2023 County Report for Glamorganshire

David Barden*, Barry Stewart, Julian Woodman, Karen Wilkinson

In Glamorgan (v.c. 41) in 2023, six excursions of the Glamorgan Botany Group were held from April to September, with a special celebratory visit to Port Eynon in May (pictured) to mark the 10th anniversary of the group.

Highlights from these excursions included: a completely new site for Paris quadrifolia (Herb Paris) in Cefn Mabley Woods (ST2284) in April; a strong colony of Viola lactea (Pale Dog Violet) at Overton Mere (SS4684) in May; good quantities of Euphrasia officinalis subsp. pratensis (Rostkov’s Eyebright) at Cwmbach (SO0301) in August; and Mentha × piperita (Peppermint) at Ty’n-y-Garn (SS8982) in September.

Cerastium pumilum (Dwarf Mouse-ear)

This was discovered as a new v.c. record in April by Charles Hipkin on the coast path between Margam Moors and Eglwys Nunydd Reservoir (SS7885). He reported that there were big patches in places, growing in calcareous grit and gravel of the path, with an outlier on the railway crossing to the north.

Ferula communis (Giant Fennel)

Seen, new to Wales, on the verge of the M4 east of Bridgend (SS9382) in June by Tim Rich.

Crambe maritima (Sea Kale)

First discovered by Mike Cram at Rest Bay, Porthcawl (SS7978) in July, as a solitary plant that was then independently found by by Julian Woodman in October. This is the first v.c. record for many decades.

Hypericum olympicum (Mount Olympus St John’s-wort)

Found as a new v.c. record at Port Eynon (SS4785) by Barry Stewart in June.

Taraxacum aesculosum (a dandelion)

Found in Coed-y-wenallt (ST1527) in April by Tim Rich. This is common in parts of Ireland, but with only one (possibly introduced) site in Britain.

Iris laevigata (Smooth-leaved Iris)

This is second record for the v.c. (and for Wales), and was seen by an artificial pond on the Botany Group excursion at Blaengarw (SS8993) in June.

Ceratochloa cathartica (Rescue Brome)

Found in Whitchurch (ST1579) in December by Tim Rich – the first record in the v.c. since 1932.

Galium murale (Wall Bedstraw)

Found scattered in block paving joints in a driveway in Danescourt, Cardiff (ST1379) by Julian Woodman – only the second v.c. record.

Carum verticillatum (Whorled Caraway)

Discovered in a new hectad in June by Andrea Rowe, near Maesteg Cemetery (SS8691).

Anacamptis morio (Green-winged Orchid)

Found on calcareous mine waste above Edwardsville (ST0796) in May by David Barden, following an unconfirmed report from two years previously – this represents a marked northward extension of its range in the area.

Rosa sherardii (Sherard’s Downy Rose)

Confirmed from Llantrisant Common (ST0484) by David Barden in June, being one of the very few v.c. records this century.

Saxifraga tridactylites (Rue-leaved Saxifrage)

Found by David Barden in May in Trehafod (ST0491) – a location that is over 10 km from the nearest known site, and the first record for the Valleys. The photo shows dead plants covered in fluffy willow seeds.

Polystichum × bicknellii (a hybrid Shield Fern)

Only recently noted as significant, a convincing plant of this hybrid was found with both parents at Rhiwsaeson (ST0682) in November 2021 by David Barden – the first record for the eastern half of the v.c.