2022 County Report for Argyllshire

Gordon Rothero

Over 10,00 records were made in VC98 in 2022 which is a good total for a vice-county with few BSBI members and even fewer who supply records.  Most of these records are due to the diligence of Carl Farmer and the Lorne Natural History group, Marion and Ian Moir and Jim McIntosh in the north and west of the county.  There are few notable records in these lists but sites of Scheuchzeria palustris (Rannoch-rush) west of the A82 are worthy of mention.

Very enjoyable trips to the calcareous schist on Beinn an Dothaidh provided updates on species like Woodsia alpina (Alpine Woodsia), Micranthes nivalis (Alpine Saxifrage), Potentilla crantzii (Alpine Cinquefoil), Poa alpina (Alpine Meadow-grass), Carex atrata (Black Alpine-sedge), Juncus biglumis (Two-flowered Rush), Bartsia alpina (Alpine Bartsia), Cystopteris montana (Mountain Bladder-fern) and Veronica fruticans (Rock Speedwell).

A single plant of Epipactis helleborine (Broad-leaved Helleborine) cropped up on a wooded bank in Benmore Gardens; this is a rare plant in Argyll so its fate will be watched with interest.  There was also confirmation that Zostera noltei (Dwarf Eelgrass) still occurs on the mudflats at the head of the Holy Loch; there would appear to be no other post-2000 records of Zostera from any of the few sites in VC98.  Less welcome was the discovery of a huge population of Lysichiton americanus (American Skunk-cabbage) at the head of the Dubh Loch in Glen Shira near Inverary.