2022 County Report for West Lancashire

David Earl

It is estimated that over 6,500 records have now been received with the total rising to over
9,000 once verified records from iRecord are downloaded. The main areas of recording
activity have been around Preston, the western section of the Fylde peninsula, Morecambe,
Lancaster and Silverdale with more limited recording taking place in the rural areas. The
iNaturalist City Nature Challenge took place from 29th of April to 2nd of May and produced
around 2,900+ Lancashire a significant proportion of which will be from within vice-county

One of the main activities over the autumn months was the editing of vague date class records
held on Mapmate with this activity being extended to records for vice-county 64 within to the
boundaries of modern-day Lancashire.

Our Emeritus Recorder Eric Greenwood sadly passed away after a short illness in the autumn
of 2022. Eric's long standing and distinguished contribution to vice-county 60 essentially
began in 1964 with much field work be carried out by the recording team to c. 2002 resulting
in the publication of the Flora of North Lancashire in 2012. Eric was also an active BSBI
council member. Several tributes were made at a recent celebration Eric's life including those
from Barbara Greenwood, David Earl and Mary Dean. Eric's obituary for submission to the
BSBI is currently being compiled.

Poa infirma (Early Meadow-grass)

Poa infirma (Early Meadow-grass) was discovered at Forton Services (SD505)1 by P Stanley, a new
record for the vice-county.

Galanthus plicatus (Pleated Snowdrop)

Galanthus plicatus (Pleated Snowdrop) was found in turf under trees by Morecambe Library

Phygelius capensis (Cape Figwort)

Phygelius capensis (Cape Figwort) was found at Shirehead Fold (SD5051).

Crocus sieberi (Sieber's Crocus)

Crocus sieberi (Sieber’s Crocus) may be the identity of plants seen at Caton (SD5364).

Persicaria capitata (Pink-headed Persicaria)

Persicaria capitata is increasing with plants having been found a the base of walls at Torrisholme
(SD4563) and as a persistent garden weed in Silverdale (SD4675) the later by R Spooner.

Macleaya cordata (Five-seeded Plume-poppy)

Macleaya cordata (Five-seeded Plume-poppy) was found at the side of path at Silverdale (SD4575)
being found by R Spooner.

Symphytum 'Hidcote Pink'

Symphytum ‘Hidcote Pink’ was found in two locations at Abbeystead (SD5654) by DP Earl & S