2022 County Report for Herefordshire

Stuart Hedley

Total Nos records made in 2022 = 2500
(directly mine = 1900, others via my entry on I-Record = 600).  Also verification of 7400 others' vascular plant I-Records for the County
Projects and Fieldwork = 1 NVC-type vegetation sampling and mapping in dozens of sites to inform context for future county flora; 2 about ten training sessions undertaken in plant ID for wide range of skill levels and ages; 3 = detailed mapping of En VU Viola canina population with local community
Initiatives = supporting development of a vc36 recording team through a local square-bashing initiative (BOB), became trustee of established local meadows group, took a strong steer in the overhaul of a local LWS system, much progress in ID website for local recorders https://stuarthedley.co.uk/blog/
Progress with checklists and Floras = considerable ongoing work on a modern VCCC has entailed critical analysis of DDB for first time by a locally-based botanist (suggesting so far 1313 discrete native taxa, 178 archaeos and 671 neos, and 39 taxa completely 'removed' as the records considered erroneous.)  Wider Flora Project see above - cumulative preparation of species accounts gradualluy taking place
Interesting finds = Carex vulpina new to vc 36, westernmost site in Britain.  Found by Hilary Wallace.  Pic by SH attached above showing it L alongside the more common C. otrubae.