2022 County Report for Mid Perthshire

Jim McIntosh

Recording reached an all-time low in Mid-Perthshire in 2022, with Alistair Godfrey’s failing health sadly leading to his death in December, and my pre-occupation with wrapping-up before retirement as BSBI Scottish Officer.

However, I am very grateful to the 18 resident and visiting botanists who helped collect just under 1000 records. What we lacked in quantity we made up for in quality, with 70 records of Nationally Rare or Scarce species, and 45 of Red Data List species.

Particular thanks go to Dan Watson for his annual batch of records – largely from Ben Lawers NTS and to Ian Strachan who took the time to record on the VC88 side of our remote shared north-western boundary during the Corrour recording week.

Two highlights from 2022 are listed below along with three notable 2021 records that didn’t come to light until this year.

Melampyrum sylvaticum (Small Cow-wheat)

A new hectad record of Melampyrum sylvaticum (Small Cow-wheat) was made by Gus Routledge on the shore of Loch Rannoch, near Bridge of Ericht. The population is probably at least a couple of thousand plants making it one of the biggest Small Cow-wheat populations in the UK. Photograph by Gus Routledge.

Linnaea borealis (Twinflower)

A new hectad record of a large patch of Linnaea borealis (Twinflower) was found on Meall Corranaich near Ben Lawers by Harry Corby & Dan Watson. This is a very rare species in Mid-Perthshire with just one other population recorded in the past 39 years. Photograph by Dan Watson.

Trocdaris verticillata (Whorled Caraway)

Simon Harrap made a remarkable new hectad record of a single flowering plant of Trocdaris verticillata (Whorled Caraway) in the exclosure near the NTS Ben Lawers carpark in 2021. Photographed by Simon.

Dryopteris affinis subsp. kerryensis (Irish Scaly Male-fern)

A new (2021) record for Scotland of Dryopteris affinis subsp. kerryensis by Roger Golding near Lochan na Làirige at a new altitudinal record for the British Isles of 600m. Previously known only in Ireland and more recently from Cumbria and Somerset.

Lycopodium lagopus (Hare's-foot Clubmoss)

Ben Averis made new VC record of Lycopodium lagopus (Hare’s-foot Clubmoss) in the very remote north of the county in 2021. Three separate sub-populations in three adjacent monads. This is the 9th population recorded in Scotland (so far).