2022 County Report for East Ross & Cromarty

Brian Ballinger ad Mary Dean

VC 106 Annual Report 2022

Brian R Ballinger and Mary Dean

Mary Dean was appointed joint recorder in 2022

  1. Total number of records collected in Easter Ross in 2022 has been more than 6,400 entered so far. We are grateful to all the contributors
  2. Projects and Fieldwork.

We led an all-day BSBI field meeting at Alness jointly with the Botanical Society of Scotland and Inverness Botany Group.

BRB led recording field meetings in Dundee and Invergowrie jointly with the Dundee Naturalists’ Society and the Botanical Society of Scotland.

  1. Talks (BRB):

Tayside Recorders Day on "The Urban Flora Project".

Scottish Botanists Conference in Edinburgh on “Vascular Epiphytes in Easter Ross”.

Dundee Naturalists’ Society on “My Lockdown Year “.

  1. Articles (BRB) (2022)

“Are there Wild Plants on Car Parks”. BSS News 118 25-26

“The Flora of Some Scottish Cemeteries” BSS News 118 13-17 (also an exhibit at the 2021 Scottish Botanists Conference)

“Urban and Rural Flora in Easter Ross part 3" BSS News 13-19 (also an exhibit at the 2021 Scottish Botanists Conference)

“Plants on Urban Walls -Do they Persist?” BSS News 119 17-19 (also an exhibit at the 2022 Scottish Botanists’ Conference)

BRB also contributes to the Dundee Naturalists’ Society Newsletter every fortnight, mainly on botanical topics.

  1. The Easter Ross Plant Checklist was updated in 2022.