2021 County Report for West Galway

John Conaghan

On the 5th of June of 2021 a BSBI field meeting was held in the Moycullen/Ross lake area of Co. Galway.  A total of ten people attended and variety of woodland and lake margin areas were explored.  In addition to reconfirming populations of locally rare species such as Neottia nidus-avis (Bird's-nest Orchid) and Rubia peregrina (Madder), new populations of Luzula pilosa (Hairy Wood-rush) and Carex divulsa (Grey Sedge) were found.  Both of these species are very rare in West Galway (H16).  Approximately 280 plant records were made on the day.

On the 28th of July an aquatic training day was held in the Carraroe area of West Galway with fifteen people were in attendance.  A wide range of aquatic species were collected and identified from a number of lakes in the area.  The botanical highlight of the day was the very rare aquatic species Najas flexilis (Slender Naiad).

In addition to the meeting and training day, four days of general recording took place at various locations within the vice-county.  A total of 1170 records were made during these recording days.