2021 County Report for Carmarthenshire

Richard Pryce

Projects and fieldwork;

1. Collected c.170 Taraxacum specimens which were subsequently determined by John Richards
2. General recording continued for Flora and DDb
3. Attended and recorded at several Llanelli Naturalists' field meetings
4. Continued to give general advice on botanical issues to third parties e.g. Carms Meadows Group
5. Continued to act as receiver of botanical records from BSBI members and others.
6. Numerous new records were made whilst undertaking commercial consultancy work.
7. Submitted NYPH records (such as they were)

Initiatives, such as talks, campaigns or collaborations;

Activities were again somewhat curtailed by Covid in 2021
1. Continued to represent BSBI at Carms Nature Partnership (LBAP) meetings and give botanical advice to the Carms County Council
2. Gave updates to Llanelli Naturalists
3. Provided periodic updates to Steph Tyler for passing on to Pete Stroh for BSBI News, etc
4. Annual Glynhir recording week cancelled for second year due to Covid.
5. Continued liaison with West Wales Biological Records Centre (one member of WWBIC staff is a keen BSBI member).
6. Continued liaison with staff at NBGW.
7. Collaborated with a journalist who is researching Araucaria trees in West Wales.

Progress with RPR and Flora;

1. Slow progress with County Flora.
2. RPR update continuing but other things in 2021 caused it to be put it on the back burner.

Particularly interesting finds;

A report of recording highlights will appear in the forthcoming issue of the BSBI Welsh Bulletin.