2021 County Report for West Mayo

Eoin Mc Greal

2021 was my baptismal year as VCR for West Mayo (H27) and my initial concerns were getting to grips with the complexities of Mapmate and setting up a BSBI county page and I am very grateful to Paul Green for his assistance in helping out with both of these issues.  Early in May I was delighted to record the 2nd vice-county record for Ranunculus auricomus on a wooded limestone outcrop near Killavally (M18) and during the same month a very enjoyable and educational day was spent botanizing with John Conaghan (H16) and Eamonn Delaney (H26) on Lough Mask, a large interesting site that borders all three of our respective vice-counties. In July a first vice-county record for Atriplex portulacoides, a species that appears to be extending its range, was found to be well established on a salt-marsh at Carrigeenglass North, Clew Bay (L98). A number of sites in Achill, Corraun Plateau and Maamtrasna were visited by Paul Green in July resulting in new records for montane species such as Huperzia selago and Salix herbacea.  In September a number of sites were surveyed on Lough Conn with my work colleague, Hazel Doyle, but unfortunately we were unable to confirm if Pyrola media is still present in an area where it was last recorded at the beginning of the 20th century. Also in September Rosa × scabriuscula and Sisyrinchium californicum were recorded by Terry Swainbank nearby at Lough Cullin (G20). In a still very much underworked vice-county new hectad records included Asplenium marinum (F63), Parietaria judaica (L98), Crithmum maritimum (L88), Rhamnus cathartica (M08), Leymus arenarius (L77 & L98) and Spiranthes romanzoffiana (M17).