Volunteering opportunity: BSBI Science & Data Committee

Two vacancies have arisen on BSBI's Science & Data committee so we are looking to fill these vacancies from among our membership. You can see the current composition of the various BSBI standing committees on this page and members can view minutes and summaries from recent meetings on the separate, password-protected Governance website (email louise.marsh@bsbi.org if you have forgotten your password).

Science & Data Committee remit

The Science & Data Committee aims to advance BSBI’s scientific and data management work to provide high quality, impartial data and interpretation for research and to help address biodiversity loss and climate change. This includes oversight of BSBI’s scientific projects, surveys and publications grants and maintaining BSBI’s network of County Recorders and Referees (taxon group experts). The committee has up to 10 members, including the Chair and Secretary. There is a Science and Research subcommittee, which awards BSBI Research grants. The Head of Science attends meetings, along with other science, data and country staff from time to time.

How to apply

First please read the Role Profile and then you can either email us at recruitment@bsbi.org to arrange an informal chat, or you can fill in this Application Form and send it to us, along with your CV.

What happens next?

The Committee Chair and Secretary will consider your application and get back to you. You may then be invited to attend a selection meeting, and/ or attend a Committee meeting as an observer. If you are invited to join a Committee, you will be asked to attend a welcome meeting with the committee Chair or Secretary.