Resources for trainers

So You Want To Know Your Plants?

BSBI's Skills & Training Committee has produced a simple booklet with details of how to start learning plant identification. It has been downloaded more than 10,000 times! The PDF is available here, or if you would like hard copies to hand out to students/learners, email us.

Publications for plant scientists

In 2019, BSBI teamed up with the Field Studies Council to produce this flyer about our publications and made it available to participants at the Gatsby Plant Science Summer School. In 2022, we produced an updated leaflet for the 2022 Summer School, setting out How BSBI can support early-career plant scientists, and the leaflet is now available to download free of charge.

Resources for beginners

A review of some plant identification books by Philip Oswald.

Careers Advice

Are you hoping to study to be a botanist or plant scientist but don't know what degree to take or how to specialise? Download this eCLIP or check out the  Connexions Botany Careers Leaflet.


For a website aimed at school age children, visit SAPS.

Check out also these Herbology Hunt wildflower spotter sheets.

Our Training Team

BSBI’s Skills & Training Committee awards Training Grants and Plant Study Grants, organises and supports events and resources for teaching botany, and we also Train the Trainers!

Turn to the BSBI Governance page to find out who sits on the Committee and to get in touch.

Courses in botany/ plant science

Thinking of taking a short course to improve your plant ID skills? Or maybe you're wondering about a degree or MSc course that includes some field ID training? Check out the courses listed here.

BSBI posters

Three posters (as pdfs) for downloading: