Staines Moor

Middlesex 29th May 2021
led by
Mark Spencer

Recording for the London Natural History Society’s London Flora Project. Most of the former county of Middlesex is now no longer rural and much of it has been heavily impacted by urbanisation. Staines Moor SSSI is one of the relatively few large areas of open land left in the area. Even so, large parts are occupied by the King George VI Reservoir, the Staines Reservoirs and are now inaccessible. We will be focussing on the lower areas of the Moor (TQ0272, TQ0273, TQ0372 & TQ0373) and will be aiming to rerecord some of the rarities of the area including Groenlandia densa (Opposite-leaved Pondweed), Potamogeton spp. (Pondweeds), Catabrosa aquatica (Whorl-grass), Juncus compressus (Round-fruited Rush), Oenanthe spp. (Water-dropworts) and Persicaria spp. (Water-peppers). This meeting is suitable for beginners as well. To book please contact Mark Spencer, v.c.21 recorder