Northern Fannichs, NH17/NH27

West Ross & Cromarty 15th – 16th July 2023
led by
Duncan Donald

The plants in this area remain surprisingly poorly recorded, despite it having been visited by a steady stream of botanists since Druce’s first reports from Beinn Liath Bheag and Sgurr Mor c.1902. An issue in the past has been poor understanding of the boundary with v.c.106, so great care will be taken on this visit to record using accurate grid references. Targets for re-finds include Alchemilla glomerulans (Clustered Lady's-mantle), Athyrium distentifolium (Alpine Lady-fern), Carex atrata (Black Alpine-sedge), C. vaginata (Sheathed Sedge), Cerastium cerastoides (Starwort Mouse-ear), Deschampsia cespitosa subsp. alpina (Alpine Hair-grass), Juncus castaneus (Chestnut Rush) and Salix lapponum (Downy Willow); help from a Hieracium expert would be particularly welcome, since Archie Kenneth and others noted an impressive number of taxa in 1960-1990. Attendees need to be fit enough to walk up mountains. Attendees will be responsible for their own accommodation, options including camping or indoors at Aultguish Inn, Inchbae Hotel or, further afield, in Ullapool: early booking advisable.