Hobson’s Park, Cambridge

Cambridgeshire 27th May 2023
led by
Jonathan Shanklin

This meeting is specifically for beginners and new members of the BSBI, though everyone is welcome to attend. It is designed as an introduction to botany with a chance to see both common and unusual species. The site is a newly developed urban park with both accidentally introduced species such as Eriophorum angustifolium (Common Cottongrass) that came with deliberate introductions and native species such as Torilis arvensis (Spreading Hedge-parsley). We will walk around the site looking at different habitats and the plants within them. If there is time we will also look at some urban sites nearby. There are frequent trains to Cambridge and guided buses to the site are every 20 minutes. Participants are encouraged to use public transport.

Meet: 10:00 am at the guided busway Foster Road stop.