Annual Summer Meeting (ASM)

South Kerry, North Kerry 19th – 22nd May 2023
recording general training

The 2023 ASM will be based at the Castlerosse Hotel in Killarney. Limited single B&B accommodation will be available for around €120 per night through the BSBI. The Hotel also has two-bedroom self-catering cottages.  There are nearby campsites, or you can book your own accommodation elsewhere. There will be a mix of excursions to interesting sites, recording trips and evening talks or workshops. Excursions will centre on Killarney National Park and adjacent rugged mountains and coastline of the Iveragh Peninsula. Habitats include Atlantic oak woodland, blanket bog and coastal dunes. A wide range of species for which Southwest Ireland is famous will be seen, including Hymenophyllum (Filmy-fern) species, Saxifraga spathularis (St Patrick's-cabbage), S. hirsuta (Kidney Saxifrage), Pinguicula grandiflora (Large-flowered Butterwort) and Arbutus unedo (Strawberry-tree).

Further information is available on the Summer Meeting webpage, and here is the link so you can register for the event and book your accommodation at the Hotel:

Contact: Micheline Sheehy Skeffington or Jonathan Shanklin will be leading this meeting and you can email them if you'd like to find out more.