Annual Exhibition Meeting

Exhibition Meeting 2018

The 2018 Exhibition Meeting took place at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, Lancs. on Saturday 17th November. Click on the links in the programme to download pdfs of the various talks. We hope to upload exhibits soon as well.

Exhibition Meeting 2016

The 2016 AEM was held on Saturday 26th November at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

To find out about the 38 exhibits and what visitors thought about the AEM, please click here and here. Many of the talks and exhibits have been uploaded so just click on the links (on the right) to download the pdf.

Exhibition Meeting 2016: talks

Click on the link to download the talk..

Rare Plant Registers as aids to recording – Polly Spencer-Vellacott (BSBI Welsh Officer).

❖ Do BSBI national field meetings throw up interesting records? – Jon Shanklin (BSBI Field Meetings Secretary).

❖ BSBI and the National Biodiversity Network: from Gateway to Atlas - Jo Judge (CEO, National Biodiversity Network).

BSBI Handbooks as aids to recording – Chris Metherell (BSBI Hon Gen Sec).

BSBI and BRC/CEH: an enduring partnership – Chris Preston (BRC/CEH).

Using BSBI data to monitor vegetation changes – Lucy Ridding (CEH).

Surprising plant records and the botanists who recorded them – Paul Smith (Chair, BSBI Records & Research Committee; BSBI County Recorder for the Outer Hebrides).

The new Rare Arable Flowers App: identifying, recording and conserving one of our most threatened plant groups – Markus Wagner/Karolis Kaslauskis (BRC/CEH).

Keynote lecture: BSBI and BRC/CEH working together - David Roy (BRC/CEH).

Exhibition Meeting 2018: programme

Click on the link to download the pdf!

11.20 Introduction and welcome: Chris Metherell (BSBI President).

11.30-12:30 Talks by Edge Hill University researchers and alumni.

Chair: Mary Dean (Edge Hill University/ BSBI Council).

14:00-14:45 AGM of the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland.

15:30-16.30 Talks by BSBI staff and volunteers.

Chair: Kylie Jones (BSBI Meetings & Communications Committee).

Exhibition Meeting 2017: talks

Click on the links to download the presentations:

AEM 2016 Exhibits

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Ryan Clark: A Focus on Nature. More here.

Monica Frisch: Guide to basal rosettes of 3 Thistles. More here.

George Garnett: Young Darwin Scholarship. More here.

Roger Horton: Databases combine to clarify relationships in botanising families.

Clive Lovatt: Plant recording using a grid system in Bristol in 1868. More here.

Louise Marsh: BSBI activities in 2017 - getting started with wildflower recording. 

Chris Metherell & Fred Rumsey: Euphrasia Handbook.

Oli Pescott et al.: ' Let us assay our plot': the NPMS in 2016. More here.

Mike Porter: Viola Handbook

Chris Preston & Oli Pescott: Dear Dr Perring: correspondence in the Atlas of the British Flora archive.

Lucy Ridding: Assessing long-term changes in vegetation.

Pete Stroh: Atlas 2020.

Kevin Walker, Pete Stroh & Bob Ellis:  Threatened Plants Project

Who can attend? What’s on?

We welcome everyone who is interested in the wild flowers of Britain and Ireland. You don't need to be a BSBI member to attend: we particularly welcome potential members who can use the meeting to find out more about BSBI. You also don't need to be a botanical expert or a professional botanist - beginners are particularly welcome. The meeting is free to attend and exhibitor space is also free!

As well as exhibits, there are talks, including updates on BSBI projects, activities and publications, and a behind-the-scenes tour of a herbarium or plant science lab. The location changes from year to year. Scroll down this page to see examples of talks and exhibits from recent years.

Click here to read what people have said about the BSBI Exhibition Meeting on Twitter. You don't need to have a Twitter account to find out what people are saying!

BSBI Annual General Meeting

We set aside up to an hour after lunch for the BSBI Annual General Meeting (AGM).

If you are a BSBI member, the AGM is your chance to vote on items relating to the society’s governance. Please head over to our AGM webpage to download the agenda and find out a bit more about the new Trustees and Council members proposed in the agenda. Any member can attend or can raise a matter for discussion by contacting our Company Secretary Clive Lovatt in advance of the AGM.

If you are not a BSBI member, you can choose to stay in the lecture theatre and listen to our discussions (although you won't be able to vote) or you can opt to visit the exhibition hall instead.

Exhibition Meeting 2017

The 2017 Annual Exhibition Meeting (AEM) was held on Saturday, 25th November at the Natural History Museum, London. It attracted 237 visitors.

Click on the links in the programme (below right) to download presentations by our guest speakers.

Click on the links in the exhibit titles (below) to download pdfs of some of the 38 exhibits (more to follow so watch this space!). You can also click through to people's email addresses, Twitter accounts, websites and/ or webpages and posts on the BSBI News & Views blog, all of which will give you lots more background about the exhibits and the exhibitors. 

AEM 2017 Exhibits

The Orchid Hunter: how BSBI botanists helped author Leif Bersweden find 52 orchids in one year - Leif Bersweden. Website. On Twitter. On the BSBI News & Views blog.

Where are they now? Refinding Black Poplars in the NatHistCam area - Roger Horton. Website. On Twitter. On the BSBI News & Views blog.

University of Reading MSc Plant Diversity: Creative Approaches to Teaching Field Botany Skills - Jonathan Mitchley & Alistair Culham. Website. On Twitter.

The North West Rare Plant Initiative (NWRPI) - Josh Styles. Website. On Twitter. On the BSBI News & Views blog.

Llangollen Whitebeam (Sorbus cuneifolia) survey 2017 - Tim Rich & Libby Houston. 

Genebank55: Conserving Leicestershire & Rutland’s Rare and Scarce Vascular Plants - Anna Farrell & Richard Gornall. On the BSBI News & Views blog.

Threatened Plants of Britain & Ireland: a new publication from BSBI - Kevin Walker. On Twitter. On the BSBI website. On the BSBI News & Views blog.

Atlas 2020: what it's all about, how to get involved - Pete Stroh. On the BSBI website.

Three years of fine-scale habitat recording with the National Plant Monitoring Scheme - Oli Pescott. On the BSBI website. On Twitter.

Introducing the BSBI/iRecord online card - Oli Pescott. On Twitter.

Kin recognition and communication in a clonal plant species (Glechoma hederacea) - Ellen Goddard. On Twitter

Young Darwin Scholarship - Sue Townsend (Field Studies Council). On Twitter. On the BSBI News & Views blog

Could you be a BSBI Referee? - Jeremy Ison.

New Year Plant Hunt - Louise Marsh. On Twitter. On the BSBI website. On the BSBI News & Views blog.

New Nature magazine - New Nature. Website. On Twitter. On the BSBI News & Views blog.

Exhibition Meeting 2015

In 2015 the AEM was held at the Natural History Museum, London on 28th November. Presentations from the 2015 AEM are available by clicking on the title in the box on the left. They can all be downloaded free of charge for non-commercial use.

The images on this page show some of the 205 people who came along on the day and some of the 44 exhibits they enjoyed. We also offered tours of the NHM Herbarium and the Wildlife Garden. Our News & Views blog carried reports about the exhibits and the day’s activities.

Exhibition Meeting 2015: talks