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The Meetings Diary (also available as a downloadable file) is of field meetings for 2017, including all national meetings and some of the meetings held across Britain and Ireland by county recorders and local groups. Many more meetings for 2017 are planned; please also check your county page for more details of meetings in your area. The Meetings Diary is updated regularly by Field Meetings Secretary Jon Shanklin, so please check it for any changes to published schedules.

Please click on these links to find out more about the BSBI Annual Summer Meeting and indoor meetings such as the BSBI Recorders' Conference and BSBI Annual Exhibition Meeting; and don't forget our New Year Plant Hunt

BSBI Meetings 2017

Details for national field and indoor meetings are given in full below; they were also published in the 2017 BSBI Yearbook, available to BSBI members via the members-only area (password required). Details for some meetings are provisional and subject to change.  Updates and full details will be posted when available. 


Saturday 23 September (General) 

Irish Annual Meeting, Discovery Centre, Oxford Island, Lough Neagh, Co. Armagh (v.c.H37)

Talks, a willow workshop and a fieldtrip to Carlingford Lough. For the flyer, please see the BSBI Ireland webpage.


Wednesday 11th October (Training) INDOOR

Training the Trainers, The Gateway, Chester Street, Shrewsbury (v.c.40)

BSBI’s meeting for botanical trainers features talks, workshops and networking opportunities. More details here and you can book here.   


Saturday 4 November (General) INDOOR

Scottish Annual Meeting, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh (v.c.83)

A day of botanical talks, workshops, exhibits and posters. Further information is available on the Scottish Annual Meeting webpage and please click here to book.


Saturday 25 November (General) INDOOR

Annual Exhibition Meeting, Natural History Museum, London (v.c.21)

There will be the usual mix of short talks, displays, posters and book stalls and the chance to meet friends, colleagues and other botanists. All welcome: put the date in your diary now and watch out for more information on the Exhibition Meeting webpage and in September's BSBI News.

BSBI Meetings 2018

Saturday 24 March (General)

Irish Spring Conference (Ireland)

Put the date in your diary now and watch out for more information on the BSBI Ireland webpage and the Irish Conferences webpage.


Monday 16 to Monday 23 July (General, Recording)

Annual Summer Meeting, Isle of Man (v.c.71)

This meeting is a joint one with the British Bryological Society.  Put the date in your diary now and watch out for more information on the Summer Meeting webpage and in BSBI News


Monday 23 to Monday 30 July (Recording/Training)

Glynhir Recording Week, Carmarthenshire (v.c.44)

Leaders: Kath and Richard Pryce

The week will have a focus on Brambles.  Full details and how to book will be given here.


Friday 21 to Sunday 23 September (General) 

Recorders’ Conference, FSC Preston Montford, Shrewsbury (v.c.40)

Put the date in your diary now and watch out for more information on the Recorders' Conference webpage and in BSBI News


Our field meetings are a great way to get involved in  botany. Most are open to anyone, although members have priority.

If you want to book on a meeting, please contact the leader well in advance because they will fill up - do not just turn up on the day. The field meetings list on this page is the most up-to-date version, superceding the one in the BSBI Yearbook

Country Field Secretaries

Ireland: John Conaghan

Scotland: Angus Hannah

Wales: Sarah Stille 

Information for those attending field meetings

Information for leaders of field meetings